How to find a stock

Beginner Difficulty · 5min to complete

Learn how to search for any stock. See how to get to the summary and detailed analysis on that company.

What we cover in this tutorial

In this tutorial we explain how to search for any stock, anywhere in the world, using Stockflare.

Table of contents

  1. See how simple it is to find any stock
  2. What to do next
  3. And what if you can’t find the stock you are looking for

Part 1. Searching for a stock

Typically there are 3 starting points

  • You know the name of the company
  • You know its stock symbol
  • You can’t remember the exact name, but you know what it does, what sector it’s it

Let’s look at how you use Stockflare in each of these cases

Firstly, we need to pop up to the top of the page and click on Search. You’ll see this great big search bar. Let’s type in the name of a company. Say, Disney. And as we type the results start to display.

Searching for Disney

Not only is Disney there, but we can see some summary analysis of Disney, here inside of search.

Next, symbols & tickers

If you are little more experienced, and know the ticker symbol, for example that XOM is the ticker for Exxon Mobil, again we get a quick and correct answer, typing in its symbol.

Searching for XOM

Finally, when you forget the name

Let’s think about those annoying situations when the name’s slipped your mind. For example, who’s that competitor to Coca-Cola. You know, the other cola guy.

In this case, we don’t use search, but the “Find Ideas” option.

Let’s say we are looking for that big competitor to Coca-Cola.

  • Click on the Sector
  • Choose Consumer (Food & Home)
  • And look through the answers
  • Ah, there it is Pepsi.

Searching for Coke's competitor

So you can see that at Stockflare its really easy to find any stock:

  • We love big search bars
  • We serve up the results as you type
  • And there is some pretty useful information inside search, so you don’t actually have to click through to get the analysis.

Part 2. How do you explore the details

Now that we’ve seen how simple it is to find a stock, how do we explore any stock once we’ve found it.

Let’s go back to the site, and search for McDonalds this time. Again, we use the big search bar. Now, let’s look at the summary data here inside search.

Summary data for McDonalds

We can see

  • The price
  • The star rating
  • We can expand the widget to get details about these stars
    • For example, things are pretty good at McDonalds in terms of it being a reasonable price, profitable, its paying dividends and Wall Street thinks it’s going up. But oh dear, the growth outlook is weak.
  • We can see a chart.
  • And we can even email these details to a friend.

But there is so much more to Stockflare. Just click through to the detailed stock page. And here we get some really great analysis.

Look you can see just how weak the growth is at McDonalds. So yeah, its cheaper than its competitors, but right there in the growth box is the reason why?

McDonalds Detailed Page

And further down the page, you can see lots of other analysis. For example, what could 100 shares bought today, grow to in value to in 7 years time.

McDonalds Forecast

Plus at Stockflare, there are all the usual tools and information you’d expect. With background on the company, its financials.

McDonalds Key Stats

And even a pretty neat way to explore the competitors. The higher the star rating the nearer the top of the list.

McDonalds Competitors

So whether its a quick look with our summary data or digging into the details that interest you, Stockflare’s got all you need for a quick analysis of any stock.

And say, the stock you are looking at, isn’t quite the investment for you. We help you get to the competitors that just might be right, in an easy way.

Part 3. The nightmare, you can’t find a stock

What about the nightmare scenario, the one where you just can’t find the stock you want?

Over here at Stockflare, this sets off alarm bells. Personally, I get depressed when someone tells me they can’t find a stock. And then our inner Sherlock Holmes goes into action, and we searching for the answer.

So, if you can’t find something, please tell us. It’s pretty easy, the Contact Us link is at the bottom of every page. Then drop us an email, call us, message us via Facebook or tweet us. Then we’ll get onto it as fast as we can.

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Thanks for reading this tutorial, and everyone here at Stockflare is keen to hear how you get on. So good luck picking stocks. And thanks for using Stockflare.

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